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our story

Our sense of smell can transport us to another place, another world.
Why not choose where you go?

Our sense of smell is very powerful. It evolved to protect and empower us; to alert us to danger, to select food, to choose a partner. It is also the most capable of our senses for evoking memories. We have all experienced how the scent of something can remind us of a person, a place or a time in our past, and with it all the emotions as if we were there once again. 

Grisiau believes that there is room to experience different, new emotions through fragrance. Reverence, pride, wonder, adventure...and of course, nostalgia too. 

Our fragrances are inspired by the real and mythical places of our planet. What trees grew in their forests? What plants did they harvest for food? What was sacred to them, then and now?


Our fascination with ancient history, cultures, the cosmos, and the kingdom of plants serves as the inspiration to curate our fragrances.  

The fragrance tells the story, and those stories are still being told today as they were long ago.

Our name, Grisiau (gri-shuh) is a welsh word that means 'staircase'. Our logo is the ascension star. Together they symbolize the human journey to rise, to grow.

Our hope is that these fragrances will inspire someone to explore something new, to recall fond memories, or inspire one to travel to some of the most beautiful places the Earth has to offer. 


We give back to charities that support the protection and care of causes we believe in.


3% of profits are donated to organizations that do notable work in these areas.

We may choose to also support smaller, local charitable organizations in the community In which our business is based.

We strive to choose packaging that leaves as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • Our product boxes are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are printed with soy inks. 

  • We do not coat our boxes with any chemicals or cellophane.

  • We do use hot foil stamping on our packaging, which does not affect its recyclability. 

  • We do not use any extraneous marketing materials or single-use plastics. (Sorry, no fancy unboxing here.)

  • We limit the use of plastic in our shipping process, while still adhering to postal guidelines for shipping fragrances.

  • Our glass bottles and sample vials are made in Italy and recyclable. 


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