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Grisiau Parfums accueille vos questions et nous sommes fiers de la transparence. Si vous ne voyez pas de réponse à vos questions ici, veuillez nous contacter à et nous vous répondrons directement sur nos parfums fins.

  • Where are your products made?
    Our fragrance is made in the USA by master perfumers. Our bottles and bottle components are sourced from Italy. Our packaging is made in the USA from 100% recycled paper and bio-degradable inks.
  • Do you use synthetic ingredients?
    We use synthetic ingredients in addition to natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are used when the natural counterpart, or plant material, is not sustainable, available or safe.
  • What if I don't like the fragrance I ordered?
    We believe that Grisiau fragrances will become your favorite. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Are synthetic ingredients safe and what are they?
    Yes, there are many synthetic fragrance ingredients that are safe.
  • What is the difference between natural vs. sythetic ingredients?
    It is important to realize that if all perfume ingredients were to suddenly switch over to natural, this would create an incredibly negative ecological and ethical impact on the planet. Our culture is highly influenced by trends, and the trend to 'natural' (though inherently good) leads us to think of natural as good and synthetic as bad. Many perfume ingredients like vanilla, sandalwood and champaca are disappearing or lost in the wild. Most essential oils are highly volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly, and will not create a lasting perfume in most cases. There are some essential oils, absolutes and extracts that have excellent tenacity, or ability to retain odor. However, these natural essences can contain far more allergens than their synthetic counterparts so caution is used when we choose natural or synthetic. Ingredients are listed in the product description. We also link each ingredient to the EWG Skin Deep Database so you can view for yourself the safety of each ingredient.
  • Are your fragrances natural?
    'Natural' in the cosmetics and personal care industry is not regulated. Therefore, we choose not to use that descriptor for our products as it can be misleading. Essential oils used are listed in our ingredients, as well as fragrance isolates and synthetic ingredients. Fragrance isolates are separated from the essential oil, and therefore processed by human hands, so we do not describe isolates as natural. Essential oils and isolates may be considered allergens to those who are sensitive.
  • Where is my package?
    There is a 5-7 day handling time for orders. When your order is received a label is automatically printed and a tracking number is emailed to you. Your order may not be shipped on the same day. Our workweek is Tues-Fri. Orders received on Friday after 2pm, Saturday, Sunday or Monday will not be processed until Tuesday. We use either the USPS or UPS to ship your package. Please be patient as there are well-documented delays with the USPS that are outside of our control. We use prepaid labels and drop packages off inside the post office bins. International orders are taken to the counter at a UPS store and scanned at drop-off.
  • Why does tracking say that USPS is still awaiting the package?
    Orders with pre-paid labels are deposited inside the postal office in the deposit bin. There may be a delay in the scanning of your package, though this does not usually mean a delay in processing. In other words, your package may not have been scanned yet, but it is moving along and the tracking will catch up. Orders get scanned when they reach the distribution center, not when they are dropped off at the post office. There may be times when you package does not get scanned until it reaches it's destination distribution center. Please understand we have no control over when USPS scans your package. There is a customer service number available on the USPS tracking page but due to the reasons noted above, they typically are not able give any different information.


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