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les années folles

Inspired by the great art, creativity, and jubilance of the 1920s in Paris. Les Annees Folles ( lez an-ay fol) explores the personality and archetypes of that brief period. 

This was a time of great art, exploration, emancipated women’s fashion, and progressive sexuality. Women cut their hair and gave up their corsets. Coco Chanel designed ‘the little black dress. Great artists, writers, actors, architects, and scientists emerged, gifting the world with stunning and enduring works of art and expression.

The collection will feature three new fragrances, each celebrating an iconic personality of Les Années Folles.

Renee Adoree 

The Creator - the thinker, the reader, the writer, the artist. A complex mind always swimming with new ideas. Quiet, pensive, determined. Well behaved on the surface but underneath harbors profound thoughts, passions, and ideas.

The Trendsetter - The influencee and influencer. Sophisticated, elegant, and with exquisite taste. They absorb what is around them, notice everything, and understand the pulse of the next big thing. Comfortable with radical change, they take risks others won't. 

The Coquette - They have an allure that needs little embellishment, although they love to embellish. To the observer, they are flirtatious, confident, and perhaps risque. This hides a tender, sensitive heart that yearns to be loved and understood. Elusive, graceful, mysterious, and fascinating.

Josephine Baker
Rene Lalique
The famous Cafe de Flore, Paris


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